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Meet My Team

Jessica Cortell

Broker and PhD

Jessica brings a wealth of experience in agricultural and vineyard-related real estate. She holds a PHD from Oregon State University where her research focused on soils and the resulting impact on vine growth and fruit/wine chemistry. She taught vineyard management at Chemeketa Community College from 2009 to 2017. Jessica also owns and runs Vitis Terra Vineyard Services, founded in 2010, that provides vineyard development management and consulting services to owners of approximately 1000 acres of vineyard properties. Her territory extends across the northern Willamette Valley. Jessica looks forward to assisting clients in their acquisition and sale of wine country properties.
She loves ‘talking dirt’ and connecting people to the right property


Jade Helm

Principal Broker

Jade has 20+ years in sales and marketing. ‘I understand the connection to home and land - it feeds you and expresses who you are. Whether your dream involves farms and countryside or just the tranquility of creating your own space in a home, I delight in helping you fulfill your goals. As a Principal Broker, I have extensive experience in residential and agricultural real estate. I dig in and get things done. I am a wine industry professional well-versed in vineyard requirements. Hiring me to help you buy or sell property taps into my personal network of contacts. I help you find the resources you need for expert information. When marketing your property, I pay attention to the importance you place on your property.

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