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Dahe Good, Owner and Managing Principal Broker, Good Land Company


Experience matters. I’ve done just about everything you can do with real estate over the past 25 years. I bring my passion, knowledge and service to every transaction.  It’s about the details: I stay fully involved until you’re happy. My goal is to assist you in meeting yours.

"Navigating the waters of purchasing my first home, and surrounding land, was a process made all the easier, and less intimidating, with Dahe by my side. Her knowledge and expertise made the whole experience less daunting, and she always had the answers to questions I didn't even know to ask. From finding the right properties, to working with the sellers, and her help through the due-diligence period, I felt like I had someone on my side from start, to a very successful finish. She is without a doubt an agent that I would recommend to anyone about to begin the same journey".

“Dahe, we honestly question if we could have sold these homes without you.  We interviewed 3 Realtors® before selecting you… In this process we also gained a wonderful relationship which we will always cherish.  Thank you so much.”  Dave and Margaret W., formerly of Dayton, OR, now in Utah

“With Dahe’s extensive knowledge of banking transaction protocol, and her professional, effective communication style, we got my home closed while working within the bank’s numerous requirements and tight time frames.”– Teresa M., formerly of Portland, now in Yamhill, OR



"Under all is the land"; it’s where we live, play, and work. Land feeds us and gives us our home. We know real estate is all about location. It’s also very much about timing!  Mark Twain had it right: “Buy land - they’re not making it anymore.” Now is a good time.





You know it when you see it. It’s a feeling. You felt it when you first saw your property. And now it’s time to sell. Our job is to showcase your property with stunning photographs, beautiful video and strategic marketing. We want your property to make a new owner fall in love. The key is to find that special something. Because it all starts with a desire. 


Whether it's where you desire to live or pursue your dream, nothing’s more important than the place you call home. It's an exciting time to be here now! Come visit me in historic downtown McMinnville at 631 NE 1st St. Suite 2.  I started the Good Land Company to give you a new experience. Our industry is changing and I want to be on the forefront of this change: to provide better service to our clients. Come see what the beautiful Willamette Valley has to offer. You’ll just know when you’ve found a place to call ‘home’.  

Let me help you find the property you want. Start your search here.
Dahe Good

Principal Broker

The Good Land Company


631 NE 1st St. Suite 2

McMinnville, OR 97128


Licensed in Oregon

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